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Employment Physicals services offered in El Centro, Brawley, Calimesa and Calexico, CA

Before starting a new job, you may need an employment physical. Luis E. Verduzco, MD, Brian Tyson, MD, and the other skilled providers at All Valley Urgent Care in Brawley and El Centro, California, provide employment physicals. The full-service urgent care practice has immediate appointments and offers on-site lab services. Call the nearest office or schedule your employment physical online today.

Employment Physicals Q&A

What are employment physicals?

Employment physicals are medical exams that check to see if a potential employee is suitable for the job. Some jobs require a certain level of fitness and health. Employment physicals ensure the candidate can perform the job duties, improving workplace safety and decreasing the risk of work injuries.

If an employee isn’t physically suitable for the demands of the job, the findings from the employment physical can provide information on how the employer can make accommodations that allow the potential candidate to perform the job.

All Valley Urgent Care specializes in occupational health, and the providers perform employment physicals. 

What do I bring to an employment physical?

One of the staff at All Valley Urgent Care explains what you need to bring to your employment physical when you schedule your appointment. In addition to proper identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, you may need to bring medical records or vaccination records. 

What happens during employment physicals?

The specifics of your employment physical at All Valley Urgent Care depend on your employer's needs. However, you can expect a thorough evaluation. 

Your provider at All Valley Urgent Care reviews your work and medical history and concerns about health and fitness. They perform a physical exam and may run various tests to assess health, such as:

  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Blood pressure check
  • Physical abilities test
  • Respiratory test

All Valley Urgent Care also does drug testing through its on-site lab services. Your provider can also run blood work and urine tests to assess general health. 

All Valley Urgent Care also cares for workers’ compensation cases and may do an employment physical when an injured worker completes their treatment, ensuring they can safely return to their usual duties.

What happens after employment physicals?

All Valley Urgent Care documents the results of your employment physical and shares the information with the employer requesting the exam. Your provider at the urgent care clinic may talk to you about health issues they find during your physical.

For example, if your vision test results are inconclusive, they may recommend going to see an optometrist for a more thorough exam to see if you need prescription eyewear.

Employment physicals keep employees safe. To find out more about employment physicals at All Valley Urgent Care, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.